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Identify product improvements to deliver the CX your customers expect

Remove frustration, create loyalty and fuel growth with the Glassbox digital experience analytics platform. Capture 100% of every user session, visualize every struggle and use AI-powered analysis to understand how to increase customer visits and spend.

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Create digital journeys to elevate business growth

Digital analytics has moved beyond performance and availability data. To improve customer journeys, optimize the digital experience and move the needle on conversions, businesses must identify and eliminate the behaviors behind user struggles.

Glassbox is a single source of truth that captures, visualizes and analyzes billions of digital journeys, empowering teams across your organization to provide a seamless experience across your digital channels.

Augmented Journey Map ™

The complete journey map at your fingertips

Visualize, observe, analyze and elevate your digital customer journey with Glassbox Augmented Journey Map™ for both web and native mobile app.


App analytics to improve the mobile experience

Discover the only mobile analytics solution that lets you view and analyze all interactions within your app. Action improvements, delight your customers and generate more revenue—all while keeping tight control of your app size.

Session replay

Record and replay every website or mobile app journey

See your digital channels exactly the way your customers experience them—with video-like capture and replay of all your web and mobile app sessions. Capture web and native or hybrid mobile app sessions on a single platform.


Robust data capture for website and mobile app

See the true customer experience by capturing 100% of customer journeys across your website, hybrid native and native mobile apps with Glassbox. Filter journeys by device, operating system, location, behavior, traffic source and more. All captured with a tag-less deployment.


Act fast with real-time visual reporting

Close the gap between expectations and reality with a picture of the digital truth. See the story your data tells. Review and share intuitive data visualizations and reports, and gain consensus across the business.


AI-driven analytics for true customer insights

Glassbox leverages AI and machine learning to score experiences and analyze user behavior. Measure the business impact of every digital action so you know what requires your attention and why.


Turn insights into action that delivers results

Use data-driven analytics to understand which journeys are most important to your business. Prioritize optimization to create happy users who stay for longer, visit more regularly and spend more with you.

Glassbox integrations

See how Glassbox integrates with your tech stack to round out your omnichannel CX analysis.

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